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14 days free trial, then just £27 per month

A valuable and cost-effective way to achieve GDPR compliance

Simplicity at heart

DataKB is designed by privacy professionals, not for them.  Let our digital data discovery guide you through, step-by-step.

Data process mapping

Easily list by business area, all activities involving personal data and track the flow through your systems.

Data map visualisation

In one click, visualise your data processes in a flow diagram and print it out – we bet you’ll learn something new about your business!

Business structure mapping

Create and share a clear view of who is responsible and accountable for data and GDPR compliance in each area of your business.

Data rights requests

Easily comply with the 8 rights of a data subject for each category of individual, using auto-generated checklists of relevant systems and data fields.

Unlimited SME usage

Each £27 per month licence provides access for up to 500 co-workers, with no data entry limitations.  How simple is that?

What is data discovery?

Whether it’s taking payment, collecting customer details or analysing your website usage – many business processes depend upon personal data.

With cloud-based systems more commonplace, keeping track of where your data is, what it’s being used for and who by is a challenge, but yet a legal requirement under the GDPR.

But beyond GDPR, using DataKB to gain shared understanding of your business data processes will enable you to create new value, by finding opportunities to cut wastefulness or even increase your marketing lists. 

Our clients 

We have used DataKB for Dolphin Networks, so easy to use and produces these workflow diagrams, clearly presenting where data is gather, stored and managed – our Dolphin Networks GDPR Compliance officer adores the App!

Katie Williams

Made for SMEs

GDPR applies to all organisations that handle personal data of EU citizens, yet only larger corporates can justify having in-house dedicated personnel, or expensive consultants and enterprise-grade software.

As someone from a small or medium-sized business, GDPR compliance or data mapping is unlikely to be your day job.  That is why we designed DataKB specifically for SMEs, by focussing on the simplest user experience with helpful tutorials and only functionality that will be useful in practice.

Because DataKB is so intuitive and fast to learn, you and your co-workers will be up and running in no time.  So put our boast to the test and start your 14-day free trial today! 

14 days free trial, then just £27 per month.

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